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Research Articles by Gene Trimble


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Gene Trimble, Poker Room Manager for the Palms Casino and Resort, Las Vegas from its 2001 opening until early 2006, began collecting chips at age 21, while playing in a poker game with Martin Miller, former operator of the Merchants Club, Newport, KY, in 1963. Martin gave him a bag of chips from non-licensed gaming establishments that had been shut down. "Martin had said, "hold on to these boy, they may be valuable some day".

From that modest start, Trimble became a top collector of what the industry calls 'illegals.'

Unlicensed gambling houses, prior to 1960, dotted the South where Trimble was raised. Gene, who had over 20,000 chips in his collection, also collected manufacturers samples. molds, autographed chips, Nevada specimens, including limited editions and commemoratives.

Gene continued to run the Palms new chip release program and poker tournaments part-time until his retirement in 2012.

Gene sadly passed away in July 2017.

Prior to the Palms, Gene started out as a poker dealer at the Holiday Center Strip in 1980 and was poker/keno manager at the Four Queens from 1981-1996.  He conceived and then directed the Four Queen's Poker Classic, 2nd largest poker tournament in the world at that time from 1991-1996.  From 1996-2001 Gene was bingo/keno manager at the Fiesta Hotel Casino.  He also had well over 600 days at sea under his belt running poker cruises, including over 300 with Holland America who awarded him this medal.
Gene spent thousands of hours researching & writing articles on gaming related matters and some of these are reproduced here for your enjoyment.  More will be added as they are located.
Please note: - No content of any article on this website may be reproduced elsewhere without the express consent of all contributors.
The Las Vegas Hacienda   (first published October 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
The Arrowhead Club - Part I   (first published May 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
The Arrowhead Club - Part II   (first published June 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
The Arrowhead Club - Part III   (first published July 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
The Arrowhead Club - Part IV   (first published August 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
The Arrowhead Inn - Part V   (first published Februrary 2000 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
The Groundhog Chip   (Written May 1998 and republished September 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
Biloxi Mississippi - Part I   (first published March 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
Biloxi Mississippi - Part II   (first published April 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
Biloxi Mississippi - Part III   (first published April 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
Sal Sagev   (first published March 1999 in Poker Digest & Gaming Times)
Arrowdie   (first published fall 2001 in Casino Chip and Token News)
Reno Card Room   (first published July 2001 in Blackjack Confidential)
The Memphis Belle   (first published mid 2001 in Blackjack Confidential)
Playboy 50th Anniversary   (first published fall 2003 in Casino Chip and Token News)
Alpine Club   (first published early 2004 in the Sun Valley/Ketchum newspapers)
Borland & Jimbo   (first published October 2004 on TheChipBoard)
Most of these articles were also published in 'Blackjack Confidential' at some time

"ILLEGAL OF THE DAY" - featuring daily posts made on
Many of the articles describe additional clubs not mentioned in the titles and
additional chip monograms are indicated in paranthesis.

Illegals Research Links & Tips   June 2013
Mason & Co. [09876; 390]   December 2011
J.W. Ware, AK [EW]   April 2016
William T. Malcolm, AK [M in circle; New Reno Club; Agua Caliente]   October 2016
Various, AK [Juneau CC; Ernie's Bar; S&W; Saw Tooth Club]   August 2010
Bama Club, AL [BAMA]   May 2012
Bamboo Club, AL [BAM / BOO]   January 2012
Boone's Cafe, AL [ACC]   February 2015
The Cave, AL [CAVE]   August 2014
T'Vala Hotel, AL [M]   August 2010
Colonial Club, AR [COLONIAL; FK; PALACE]   September 2014
E.O. Wheatley, AR [EOW; Ozark; Reno Club]   May 2015
Ohio Club, AR   August 2010
Hub Buffet, AZ [CDK]   April 2012
Monte Carlo, AZ [MC; MICKEYS]   August 2010
Tex Wilson, AZ/CO [XET; WSC; Pine Tree]   April 2012
631 Club, CA [LDG]   June 2015
Alamo Cafe, CA [WHC]   March 2016
Bok Hing Chan, CA [chinese chars]   November 2010
Bok Hing Chan 2, CA [Palm Trees]   September 2015
"Bones" Remmer, CA [B]   May 2012
Cellar Club, CA   November 2013
Cook & Wickstrom, CA [Owl on a branch; VH]   September 2013
H. S. Crocker Co., CA [GTC; Various]   February 2014
John H. Dollar, CA [JDH]   October 2014
Lino's Club, CA [LP; MP in circle]   April 2012
Louvre, CA [BB; LI]   August 2010
Marcell's, CA [MARCELL]   November 2015
Ray Magnum - 333 Club, CA [RTM]   April 2011
Spinx's, CA [SPX]   July 2011
Wong's Pool Hall, CA [WBW/T in star]   July 2015
Various, CA/NV [ABC; Hideaway Inn]   November 2010
Joe Ortiz, CO [JNO]   July 2010
Pines, CO [Pines; WSC]   April 2014
Silver Moon Nite Club, CO [SM; Red Top; TDP]   May 2015
Various, CO [CHT; ACE HI]   August 2013
Floor-sweeping, CO/LA [TJM / RIVERVIEW CLUB]   March 2011
Humphreys, CT [H]   August 2010
Anchor Inn, FL [NORM BOBS ANCHOR INN]   December 2015
Chateau Lido, FL [EW]   October 2014
Garden Court Hotel, FL [SVL; Floridian]   August 2010
Louis Copeland, FL [LJC]   October 2011
Colonial Club, GA [HC; Jeb; Sylcree]   August 2010
Order of Georgian Jews, GA [OJG; pic star]   August 2012
Standard Club, GA [SC]   November 2013
Various, HI [Pacific; Century; HC; Maui; LDS]   August 2010
Alpine Club, ID [GMH; ACB; RBC; Snowball]   August 2010
Last Frontier Club, ID [Cowboy]   July 2013
200 Club, IL   July 2014
750 Club, IL [CR; El Patio; Frog City]   October 2010
885 Club, IL [JML]   January 2011
Barton Club, IL [BC]   May 2011
Bob Winchester, IL [SPUR INN; CW]   December 2014
Boody's Bar, IL [P; Butkovich's Tavern]   April 2016
"Bump" Vankirk, IL [V&K]   March 2011
Chez Paree, IL   August 2014
Club 88, IL   December 2010
Clyde Downs, IL [CD; SHIELD]   October 2011
Colony Club 1, IL [C w/club pip]   September 2011
Colony Club 2, IL [CR]   September 2011
Colony Club 3, IL [JD; SCC; JJJ; STATELINE COUNTRY CLUB]   May 2014
Corker Club, IL [CC (C&S)]   April 2014
Dandelles Billiard Hall, IL [GD]   May 2013
Eddie Glad, IL [EG]   April 2013
Elza Brantley, IL [Various]   April 2014
Elza Brantley 2, IL [Stateline Country Club]   May 2014
Elza Brantley 3, IL [Various]   December 2014
E.N. Wood, IL [ENW]   January 2011
Greyhound Club, IL [GREYHOUND]   July 2011
Harry's New York Bar, IL [400; 44; BC; BLB; Chez Paree]   September 2010
Highwood, IL [WHC; HR; DL]   August 2011
Horseshoe Club, IL [SC; Senrab; SLC; Southland; 4020]   September 2010
Hyde Park Club, IL [JPC; HPC]   January 2011
James E. Connery, IL [JEC]   March 2015
Jason Lee, IL [JL; JML]   December 2010
Lower Deck, IL   August 2013
Main Street Cigar Store, IL [VB; VV]   September 2010
Maxie's, IL [MD; SR; T&S; R&J]   September 2010
McLaughlin's Tavern, IL [RM]   October 2015
Morris's Tavern, IL [CRM; EB]   September 2010
O'Brien's Tavern, IL [concentric circles]   May 2015
Paul Harris, IL [Clock]   March 2012
Preoria, IL [JACK ADAMS; B&C; LYCEUM]   November 2010
Purple Grackle, IL [FWN]   March 2012
Smokehouse, IL [BD]   December 2013
Smokehouse Billiards, IL [LRB; 8-1/2 Club]   November 2013
Spur Inn, IL [SPUR INN]   May 2011
The Casino, IL [Casino; CASINO CLUB]   June 2013
The Dells, IL [THE DELLS]   May 2011
The Dells 2, IL [TND; THE DELLS]   October 2012
The Frolics, IL   October 2010
Thunderbird, IL [WH]   June 2014
Top Hat Tavern, IL [THT]   October 2011
Tumble Inn, IL [TI; SOUTH BLUFF; CK; RB]   November 2011
Turf Club, IL [TURF CLUB; H<>C; TC]   September 2014
Various, IL [J&J; JV; JVT; S&M]   January 2012
Various 2, IL [A&M; P; Morrow Budde]   November 2012
Various 3, IL [SHAWGO's; Becker&Long; HLB; B&L; KSR; VCC;
  March 2013
Various 4, IL [SGW; F&F CLUB; TURF CLUB]   January 2016
Westville, IL [PJB]   October 2011
White Court Tavern, IL [FB; Peak&Bohart; B&C; Shrecks]   October 2010
White Horse, IL [CHR]   May 2013
William Hornstein, IL [WH]   May 2011
William Spellisy, IL [WMS; GC]   April 2012
Club Tavern, IN [THE Club]   September 2014
Club Trocadero, IN [CLOVERLEAF]   July 2011
Corral Tavern, IN [STAR IN CRESCENT]   May 2016
Don McClure, IN [YN]   October 2010
Elite Restaurant & Tavern, IN [SOL]   July 2014
Elmer Waltz, IN [EW]   June 2011
Evansville, IN [WBR; LKC; PD]   October 2010
Jeffersonville, IN [CPI; 123; 117; 119; 125]   January 2013
Joe Traum, IN [PC in horseshoe; 86; MH]   July 2013
Macau, IN   September 2010
Municipal Bar, IN [FAG]   December 2010
Raisor's Tavern, IN [JCR; JR]   September 2010
Shady Terrace Club, IN [STC]   January 2011
The Farm, IN [LF]   October 2013
The Office, IN   September 2010
Trianon Ball Room, IN [CC in horseshoe]   August 2010
Various, IN [Criterion; C-C; JJ; JMT; LSC; RED]   June 2012
Club Cigar Store, IA [CCS]   May 2012
Des Moines, IA [DMI]   July 2010
Various, IA [JEM; ACC]   August 2016
State Line Tavern, KS [TJM]   January 2014
Various, KS [SGD; W]   August 2010
Abe Schneider, KY [YORKSHIRE; ENL]   October 2012
Albert Goulet, KY [AG]   May 2013
Bluegrass Country, KY [CSC; DC; GB; JWG]   October 2010
Club Alexandria, KY   May 2013
Club Rio Vista, KY [RV]   December 2010
Club Roi-Tan, KY [J-M]   November 2010
Herbert Burger, KY [Cloverleaf]   December 2010
Herron's Cafe, KY [HC]   August 2012
Highway 41, KY [WBW; Commando]   January 2011
Hub Bar & Cafe, KY [ENW]   January 2011
John Croft, KY   October 2010
Kasey Club, KY   February 2011
Kentucky Hotel, KY [VJ in star]   December 2010
Lawrence James, KY [LHJ]   April 2011
Lexington, KY [CC; AJ; BE; BPS]   September 2010
Mike Ladd, KY [MLB]   November 2010
Poole Brothers, KY [310]   July 2010
Wicked Newport, KY [book review]   April 2012
Blue Horseshoe Club, LA [BLUE]   May 2011
Cave Tangi, LA [DSW]   October 2013
Jacob Lauff, LA [JF]   April 2011
McM's Pontchippi, LA   December 2013
Penthouse B, LA [P&B]   August 2010
Various, LA [SAM; FJP-LSQ; AL-LSQ; EB-LSQ]   January 2014
Clover Club, ME   January 2012
Westminster Hotel, MD [JSV]   August 2010
Various, MA [JFC; JJE]   August 2010
Hart Motor Inn, MI [LV]   November 2011
Kurt Connors, MI [LV]   November 2011
Silver Rail, MI [HSD]   August 2010
The Chalet, MI [CHALET; CC; 24845 GRATIOT]   February 2015
Theta Tau, MN [TO]   December 2011
Various, MN [DC; H; GV]   September 2010
Adren Robertson, MS [AR]   March 2014
Biloxi, MS [Red Carpet]   August 2010
Crescent Bar, MS [CC]   August 2013
Dick Kent, MS [K+S]   November 2014
Edgewater, MS   January 2015
Key Club, MS [BCI; JR]   October 2013
Paddock Club, MS   February 2014
Various, MS [East Side; Maple Grove; JS]   September 2013
West End, MS [BC]   December 2013
Empire Buffet, MO [B&H; HCD; HOC in oval]   November 2010
Film Club, MO [J]   July 2012
Fred Strauss, MO [ACB]   June 2014
Gerhart, MO [G]   May 2012
John Murray, MO [JM; T-W; Lido]   March 2012
Kansas City, MO [GJ; 427; Lido; P; 1003]   September 2010
Kansas City, MO - 2 [121-1/2]   October 2010
Kansas City, MO - 3 [OT]   October 2010
M & N Buffet, MO   November 2010
Rex Athletic Club, MO [REX]   November 2010
Schlitz Tavern, MO [JKF; RK]   May 2014
Troost (street), Kansas City, MO[ECM; CSS; ED]   February 2013
Various, MO [FTL; KC; ROY; TED]   January 2014
Various 2, MO [Lay; 517; Stever]   January 2014
CY Saddle Shop, MT [PHELPS/CY]   August 2016
Dude Lounge, MT   October 2013
Helsinki Bar & Grill, MT [HEL; DDW; Board of Trade]   April 2013
Various, MT [Mikes; TK; VTQ]   August 2010
Beatrice Country Club, NE [BCC]   August 2010
Twin City Agriculture Club, NE [TAC]   July 2012
Binion's (Las Vegas), NV [B__S]   September 2012
William Kriter, NV [WMK]   March 2015
Various, NV [LW; WMK]   August 2010
Various, NH [HYC]   September 2010
Colony Surf Club, NJ [CSC]   February 2012
Lakewood Club, NJ [XYZ]   November 2011
Various, NJ [500; C; NYC; TLD]   August 2010
Clovis Billiard & Domino, NM [CEC]   October 2013
Mike's Nite Club, NM [MXC]   April 2016
Various, NM [City Club; M]   September 2010
Active Republican Club, NY [ARC]   March 2014
Anthony Lombardo, NY [AVL]   October 2010
Harry Fox, NY [FOX]   November 2011
Madison Square Club, NY [MSC]   August 2015
Simone's, NY [SYR; BBB]   August 2012
Truax Hotel, NY [SLIM; BUGGS; TH]   February 2012
Various, NY [MSC; SPM; WMS]   September 2010
'Doc' Mannion, NC/TN [MFM]   February 2011
Dolly Madison Hotel, NC [EC]   October 2011
Gurkin's Tavern, NC [JCN]   March 2015
Various, NC [RSG; BG; LCC]   August 2010
Queen City Club, ND [QCC]   August 2013
Arrowhead Inn, OH [INN inside arrowhead; Maltese cross; JSB]   September 2010
Club Cigar Store, OH [GEF]   January 2015
C.W. Smith, OH [CWS]   February 2011
Far East Billiards, OH [FEB]   February 2011
Imperial Cigar Store, OH [HC]   April 2011
Jefferson Club, OH [TGT]   September 2010
Loyd Mouse, OH [OAC]   April 2011
Lyman Williams, OH [HCW]   January 2015
Red Brick, OH   August 2014
Silver Dollar Club, OH   June 2013
Various, OH [5911; HLS; Linden Bar; Sinclair]   September 2010
Brass Rail Taproom, OK [CG]   January 2012
Various, OK [G in circle; PLC]   September 2010
86 Tavern, OR [86]   May 2016
Fred's Tavern, OR [FE]   July 2013
Klamath Billiards, OR [KB]   December 2015
Lafayette Building, OR [AB in circle]   October 2010
Stockman's Club, OR   March 2011
Various, OR [Sepia; L&G; The OK]   August 2010
Willmering, OR & TX [FBW; CAW]   October 2010
Larch Club, PA [EHD]   November 2013
Nite Owl & Fort Pitt PA   February 2013
Various, PA [BB in circle; 1130]   August 2010
Lafferty, RI [WML]   August 2010
Key Club, SC   August 2010
Ace Pool Hall, SD [ART]   March 2016
B & B Club, SD [B&B]   December 2012
Bodega, SD [BB in horseshoe]   August 2013
Various, SD [Gold Bar; FC]   August 2010
Bob Berryman, TN [B&E; PALACE; F&E]   September 2011
Little Peabody, TN   March 2017
Lookout Cigar Store, TN [LMT]   January 2016
Printers Alley, TN [PG in circle]   December 2011
Rainbow Room, TN [210; Star; Black Poodle]   September 2010
Samelson's, TN [McC/JD die cut]   December 2013
A. J. Meador, TX [MD]   February 2014
Bar X, TX [-X; PB]   March 2017
Baytown FOE, TX [BGW; FOE 3125]   December 2010
Cinderella Club, TX [CC]   September 2015
Cipango Club, TX [C-C]   September 2012
Clint Murchison, TX [CWM in diamond]   July 2015
Eastside, TX   September 2013
Elite Restaurant, TX [EL]   July 2012
Empire Bar, TX [OPT]   October 2010
Evans Bang Tails Token, TX   March 2013
Express Jockey Club, TX [EJC; KKK; RJJ]   October 2012
Fidel Perez, TX [PF]   July 2010
Galveston, TX [GTBC; BEACH CLUB]   August 2012
Hawaiian Club, TX [HC; CC; WHM]   April 2014
Hermann Lodge #6, TX   October 2010
Improved Order of Red Men, TX [T-T / 47]   September 2011
James Worsham, TX [CW in horseshoe]   September 2010
Jefferson Hotel, TX [AR]   July 2015
Knickerbocker Club, TX [KNICK]   May 2014
Lawrence Griffice, TX [E JR; DLC; Reno Club; ATR]   July 2012
Metropolitan Hotel, TX [D / A; BHB]   August 2011
Michael Edwards, TX [MRE; crocodile]   August 2015
Oil Patch, TX [OIL PATCH; M w/dots; shrimp boat]   October 2014
Paul Harris, TX [Clock; LHM; JT; HNS]   March 2012
Reno Club, TX [PFC]   July 2013
Richmond, TX [BMC]   May 2014
Santa Paula Hotel, TX [BHS]   June 2011
Scholz Garden, TX/NJ [RJE]   March 2014
Showboat, TX [WCS]   January 2014
Steeplechase Bar, TX [TJS]   September 2010
Tipton's, TX [DLT]   October 2015
Tom Moore, TX [M in circle; Navy Club; Horseshoe]   April 2013
Twenty Seven O Nine Club, TX [JBJ]   February 2016
Walter Holt, TX [TJ]   November 2014
W.D. Dennis, TX [WD; Imperial]   February 2014
Various, TX [XIP; XXX]   September 2010
Various 2, TX [JMH; M]   June 2012
Various 3, TX [BBB; Texas Club; BS; GK; B&B]   February 2014
The Mint, UT [RBH]   September 2010
Griswold, VA [CG]   November 2010
Morriss, VA [MBS]   August 2010
Various, Washington DC [DCE; PLC]   October 2010
Evergreen Tavern, WA [JEG; EV W]   November 2012
New Elliott Tavern, WA   September 2010
The Ranch, WA [HCC]   September 2013
Various, WA [Horsehead; SBT; BHG]   September 2010
Various, WV [Pirate Cafe; DC]   August 2010
Cookies Cigar Store , WI [CCS]   November 2015
Elkhart Lake , WI [HOG; PDB]   July 2011
Katz & Mouse, WI [FEZ; OAC; 744]   June 2011
Kenneth Beuto, WI [KAB]   January 2011
Raymond Munch, WI [RAM]   March 2012
Various, WI [CCM; 744; FEZ; CGL]   September 2010
Various 2, WI [OOM; OM; BO; WRC; S&E; GE; DB; KAC]   December 2011
Casper, WY [JEP; VB; GE]   November 2013
Cowboy Bar, WY   May 2013
Sportsmans, WY   April 2012
Various, WY [RBS; JJK; Frontier Nights]   August 2010
Max Koffman, Winnipeg, Canada [KLP]   May 2011
Casino Cancun, Mexico   February 2013
Military [NYC]   October 2010
Christy Jones   March 2013
Floorsweepings [AJA; RB; 424; JPC; BSR; SS; D&T]   July 2014
Gore & Kay, IL   July 2014
Intercaribe [FJS]   November 2013
TR King & Taylor articles   February 2011

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