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Gene Trimble wrote about the history of the Sal Sagev years ago:

The family allowed me to purchase a total of 225 chips, as detailed below, leaving them an even split of the remainder to keep, together with the wheel, in the family with a long term view to it going to a museum.
There were in fact a further 9 of the brown chips discovered in the tarpaulin (not seen in Gene’s photograph) for a total of 14. I was allowed to get all of those.
There are also some red chips, which the lady informs me, per Abe's notes, were used as $5 chips for the blackjack game only, hence she kept them apart from the roulette table when Gene saw it.
Prior to this, only a few yellow and a couple of white chips existed in collections.

The breakdown of the 225 chips and their prices is as follows.
Yellow – 64 chips – $150
White – 42 chips – $200
Green – 30 chips – $250
Blue – 28 chips – $250
Brown – 14 chips – $350
Red – 47 chips – $200
(Set of 6 – $1,000)

Prices of the few yellow and white examples that had been previously sold averaged almost $600 each.

The extra yellow and white chips I have remaining do show slight wear albeit they are better than the previously known examples. The other 4 colors are all almost new.

Email me or use the shopping cart below the picture if you are interested in these.

Sal Sagev yellow chip - $150          
Sal Sagev white chip - $200            
Sal Sagev green chip - $250           
Sal Sagev blue chip - $250              
Sal Sagev brown chip - $350          
Sal Sagev red chip - $200                
Sal Sagev set of 6 chips - $1,000   


This website written by David Spragg.   Also trading on Ebay as marlowpokerchips and marlowcasinochips.